A.C.T., Inc. - Adults Caring for Teens - Company Message

“My girls all ended up going to college. The girls circle was so good!  My son have been in Boys Council for 3 years straight. The men that run the groups are great. My son looks up to them. He does not know his father so it is good that these men come to volunteer every week”
Veronica E.

"After my son went away to college I had a lot of free time.  Dr. Penny asked me to be a mentor.  I said yes and also got my wife to be a mentor.  I can not remember what we used to do with our time.  Our mentees are now part of our family."
Marcus S.

"Dr. Penny was came to court with me when I got in trouble. That was six years ago. Since then I graduated from SUNY RCC and I volunteer at A.C.T.  The kids listen to what I have to say because they know I keep it real. My message is SCHOOL IS COOL"
Dennis K.

Ms. Mirlene and Ms. Joan have the best Girls Circle Groups.  They listen and we all know they really care about every thing we say. I love Girls Circle.
Tanya F.

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